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We are Penny and Bill Clegg from New Jersey in the United States. After getting great educations, having successful professional careers, and raising a family, we were looking for a change. We love to RV but our 9-5 jobs were keeping us from pursuing our passions.

We found a solution and we've been working in internet marketing for a couple of years now. We are on to something that can really make a change in people's lives.

We started our journey into internet marketing by getting a 'hands on' education working with an online education company. In addition to learning the various aspects of internet marketing from the best in the industry, we made incredible connections with likeminded entrepreneuers. 

One of those connections was with Steve and Mandie Nickerson. They've combined an internet marketing system with a heart-centered homebusiness. This is simply genius!

Their focus on health, well-being, and wealth attracted us, and the results we've seen have us hooked. We can't wait to share this opportunity with you!  

If you're looking to change your life, move your focus towards health, wellness, and wealth, and away from the confines of a 9-5 job, then 

If you love to travel, perhaps RV like us, and seek the freedom a laptop lifestyle can afford you, THIS IS FOR YOU.

AutoMagic Passive Income Accelerator has proven to be the vehicle we were looking for. We can run our business while on the road in our RV and have time to enjoy the adventures of our dreams. With this system literally ANYONE with an internet connection, a lap top, and the desire to increase their health and wealth CAN be successful.

Step #1: Click the button below and register for a special webinar where all your questions will be answered. 

Step #2: Attend the webinar where the creator of AutoMagic Passive Income Accelerator, our partner, Steve Nickerson, explain the entire system.

Step # 3: Check your in box for an email from us. Join our team and reap the benefits of a healthier, happier life. If you have questions let us know. 

No matter if you're BRAND NEW to the internet, or you've been online for years... The information in this video can change your life!  Enjoy!
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